Lake "Kaban" ("Boar Lake")

Lake "Kaban" ("Boar Lake") is one of the main sights of Kazan. It is not just a big lake, but a whole water system, stretching for more than 10 km and consisting of three large lakes, connected by straits and the Bulak canals. Most importantly, the lake itself is located within the city itself. A lot of ancient legends and stories of the lake are associated with what many call a “national shrine of Tatarstan”.

One of them is related to the origin of the lake. When an old man named Kasym-sheikh led the first people to these places, there were only impassable swamps, overgrown with reeds and sedge marshes, with water unsuitable for drinking. Then the holy old man, who had just prayed on a beshmet (traditional Tatar clothing), took it by its edge and dragged it. And there, where he passed with the beshmet, a lake appeared with clear and transparent water. This is one of the legends of the lake.