"Russia is my history" comes to Kazan!

The exhibition center "Kazan Fair" will tell about the history of the country from ancient times to the present in the new multimedia complex "Russia is my history. Republic of Tatarstan".

There are no exhibits in our usual understanding. This is a new format of the museum complex equipped with the latest technology: touch screens, screens and kiosks, light boxes, collages, video panels with three-dimensional historical reconstructions. The preparation of the exposition uses techniques of video infographics, animation, three-dimensional modeling and digital reconstructions. In this case, the visitor can model the image by themselves. For example, you can reproduce a communal apartment. With the help of the application you can find yourself in an apartment of the times of the Stalin Empire, and in Khrushchev's five-story building.

In cinemas you can trace the development of science and technology, the history of weapons, on 3D models to get acquainted with the way of life and culture of the peoples of Russia, their development over the centuries, the emergence of new products and objects.

In each region where such an interactive park will be created, the general history of the country will be supplemented by facts from the local "chronicle". For example, in Kazan, the history of the Bulgarian state, the Kazan Khanate, will be reproduced. The place of honor is reserved for the exposition devoted to modern Tatarstan, where the history of the Tatar national statehood and the republic, culture and enlightenment are presented from ancient times to the present day.

The exhibition complex "Kazan Fair" is located at the address: Orenburg highway, 8 (only in 15 minutes from our hotel).

Information about working hours of the complex and tickets’ cost you can get by phone - +7 (843) 202-29-92.