Syuyumbike Tower

Syuyumbike Tower is the legendary seven- level falling tower - an architectural symbol of Kazan. By the stepped outline of its tiers and spire, reaching to the sky, Kazan is recognized on all images of the city. There are legends concerning the origin of the tower. The most famous one is the following: Ivan the Terrible (a 16th century Russian tsar), eager to marry the Tatar beauty and widow of Khan Girey (similar to a nobleman), Syuyumbike,  promised to fulfill her seemingly impossible demands. One of those demands was to build a tower. In seven days he built the seven- level tower for Syuyumbike. The queen climbed the wooden staircases of the tower, climbed up to the upper observation deck, looked around the heart of the city, said goodbye to the people and rushed down like a bird. This legend about the unbroken spirit of proud Tatars was well- received by the people of Kazan, and they often tell it to guests of the city.